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The Art of Connection

A compassion-led experience to elevate each other into safe and brave relationships with ourselves and others.

You are here because you LOVE!

It is time to give our hearts, souls, and bodies what we are longing for deep connection. The kind of connection that feels so good, that energizes you rather than depletes you, that makes you feel seen and loved rather than judged, that makes you want to share it with the world rather than hiding and suppressing it.

We’re offering a variety of formats to build transformational experiences for the community and businesses, online courses and experiential keynote speeches.

Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”

Brené Brown

Community Events & Retreats

Coming together as a community for a raw and genuine connection to find edges of intimacy with yourself, with your loved ones or/ and with strangers.

Business Experiences

People who have healthy relationships at work are not only more likely to be happier and healthier, they are also seven times as likely to be productive.

Online Class “Arriving Home”

The number 1 relationship to deepen is the one with Self – that’s where it all begins, within.

“For many years, people would tell me to get out of my head and feel into my heart. I would not even know what that meant. 
I found Steffi’s Art of Connection workshop shortly after I broke through the first layers of shells surrounding my heart. Steffi is an artist and a healer. She is an expert in getting people in touch with themselves and others. She will make you feel deeply into your heart and make you see what a treasure you are holding in there. “

“Steffi has taught me that a “No” can be delicious, because a “No” is always a “Yes” to something else more aligned for you or someone else. I used to be afraid of saying no, and didn’t love “rejection.” Her amazing re-frame has changed so much for me.” 

“Steffi helped us to learn how to be human again.”

“Steffi, I am so honored to have met you. Attending your workshop has allowed me to feel again for the first time in many years.”

“It was a really cool experience that allowed me to express myself freely and ask for what I wanted and try to identify what it was that I wanted – that is something that I am continuing to work on. It was great to be surrounded by so many warm and open individuals and was just overall a heart-opening experience.”

“Steffi is one of the brightest, most radiant people I’ve encountered in this lifetime, and I very much look forward to witnessing more of her brilliance.”

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