Advent Calendar 2019

My intention for this holiday season, especially December, was to create a digital holiday calendar, in German the one and only “Adventskalendar” mit Türchen 🙂. I had a vision of wonderful daily experiences with quotes, exercises, inspirations or anything my creativity wanted to produce that relates to the big topic BELONGING! Reality is: My plate is over-floating and in order to do the things that I am committed to full heartedly I need to focus! This morning, still kind of sad about letting that little December project go, I kept thinking that I still want to share 24…or 31 🙂 connections I cherish, appreciate, love so so soo deeply. (Now Im thinking …only 31… but lets see how far I will come…) No project. Not much back-end work involved. Just opening the access to my heart and writing whatever wants to come out and let the person on the other side receive it.

Day 1 – my beloved Ana Maria Carmona.
“There are small moments when we are together that feel so familiar, like when we briefly look into each other’s eyes from across the room, when we take a yoga class together it feels like we move and breath in the exact same way…” READ THE FULL LOVE

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