#1 Choosing Life with Kylie McConnell

The timing for this first episode of “Consent is Sexy” could not be any better!!!  I share countless & contagious giggles and moans, as well as raw and vulnerable moments with Kylie McConnell while we dive deep into what our nervous system has to do with blocked voices and abilities to speak up. We speak about the importance of Self-love, communication skills, the great gifts of being seen, heard and met with compassion, empathy, vulnerability, and my number one element: presence!! Kylie shares how the autoimmune condition Fibromyalgia got her to choose a life she wants and deserves to live – in consent with life! 
We had soooo much to talk about that I cut this recording into 3 pieces. This is number 1. Get excited for all 3 of them… 

You can get in touch with her via Facebook:
Kylie McConnell (Personal Profile)
Juicy transformations (Page)
And on her website: 

And if you are ready for letting go of critical negative self-talk that’s nothing but self-sabotaging -> I got a 6-weeks online class starting on April 7 for you that helps you to fall in love with yourself: “Arriving Home – Falling in Love with Self” → Check it out and get on the waitlist on: www.connection-university.com/arrivinghome

Thank you for listening and making consent part of your sexy life. Be sexy people. Be safe. Talk a lot. Be brave. Be kind! Be great! If you like what we are doing here with “Consent is Sexy” please leave a review, thumbs up, send an email with questions, triggers, interest to be on this podcast to consent@connection-university.com. 
Sending courage and love to you. Until next time. 

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