Consent is Sexy Podcast

I’ve been getting the push and call to share more around consent with the community. I have been leading educational experiences and speaking at many events to share the significance of the topic and also the fun that we get to have when we create a consensual environment. Leading these experiences sparked the fire in me to write… The book is in the making. Books take time. I want to do more now… 🙂 So I will release more guides & workbooks on more specific practices (Consent is everywhere – such a broad topic!!!). Another great channel that I am so so sooo stoked about is the podcast. You can listen to some deep conversations, where I riff and share experiences, knowledge, wisdom, questions, struggles, challenges and fun with amazing humans who are leading by example how being consensual is sexy in all areas of life – not only in the bedroom, but also in sales, events, neuroscience, and bodywork, … The intention is to support you in building confidence to be comfortable and communicative with Self, friends, intimate partners, strangers, as facilitators, participants,.. as humans! The podcast is out there now to empower you to interact in the most authentic and loving way while honoring your own and others’ desires and boundaries. 

With love and excitement, Steffi

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