#2 Being in Your Power with Kylie McConnell

This episode is the second part of the juicy, and giggly conversation I shared with Kylie McConnell founder of Juicy Transformations. We’re going to jump right into boundaries, survival mechanisms, & power. We will also share with you some tools in the end. We actually kept speaking afterward and pressed the recording button again to share even more practical tools with you. I will release it as bonus material soon. It feels so good to share these conversations with you. 🙂 

You can get in touch with Kylie via Facebook:
Kylie McConnell (Personal Profile)
Juicy transformations (Page)
And on her website: 

And if you are ready for letting go of critical negative self-talk that’s nothing but self-sabotaging -> I got a 6-weeks online class starting on April 7 for you that helps you to fall in love with yourself: “Arriving Home – Falling in Love with Self” → Check it out and get on the waitlist for the next opportunity: www.connection-university.com/arrivinghome

Thank you for listening and making consent part of your sexy life.
Be sexy people.
Be safe.
Be brave.
Be kind!
Be great! 

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Sending courage and love to you.
Until next time. 

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