Bonus Episode with Kylie McConnell

Finding new resolutions instead of open loops and leaky energy.
After hours of recording, we couldn’t stop and recorded a bonus material with techniques to practice opening up consensual and vulnerable conversations. We also shared very personal experiences, from lovers to families. This is a gem! Basics to take away:
– Speak what’s on your heart.
– Share that what comes out of my mouth might not be perfect. I’m going to do my best.
– Asking for consent – are they a yes to my request before we continue.
– Ask a question and wait for a response.
– Focus on the celebration that you asked, not that they are a yes or a no.

You can get in touch with Kylie via Facebook:
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And on her website:

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Thank you for listening and making consent part of your sexy life.
Be sexy people.
Be safe.
Be brave.
Be kind!
Be great!
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Sending courage and love to you.
Until next time. 

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