#3 Authenticity in Sales with Matthew Cooke

In this episode, I have the honor to talk with Matthew Cooke, the performance coach and founder of the body-based breakthrough. Matthew does such a great job of combining the really heady work (coaching) with the somatic aspect – our body and our feelings. I instantly drop into my heart when I am around him.
How consent and sales go together? Well, there is a lot of convincing and trying to sell to get the money in the area of coaching services. It is overwhelming for people that are interested and some loose trust completely. Matthew shares his strategy of congruency, trust and genuinely caring about the person and that a “maybe” is a “no” for now, just like in every other relationship, too. For him, “sales is being human.”

He shares so much that he learned in his career and from his mentors. One of my favorite questions he uses is: “How much intimacy does the potential client allow and do I allow?”

We finish with the top 3 things to lead with authenticity and consent in sales. And How to read red flags as a potential client.

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Being present came up quite a bit.
Matt and I agree it is one of THE key values in genuine connections. If you want to learn how to become more present, compassionate, and loving with others – I believe you have to become that with yourself first. 
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Thank you for listening and making consent part of your sexy life.
Be sexy people.
Be safe.
Be brave.
Be kind!
Be great! 
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Sending courage and love to you.
Until next time. 

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