#8 How to Navigate Conversations – Part 2 with Steffi Seefeld

Get your notebook and pen out – Take some notes!

I share with you a recording of a 3 part webinar “How to navigate difficult conversations” to give you the tools you need to prepare and to show up as a compassionate and kind human for conversations that can no longer be avoided. It is online on my youtube channel:
Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkFJX6zjYbU&t=75s
Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVTINmeZi6M
Part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=js2NSvNj5NU&t=37s

I want you to take the courage to stop avoiding. Instead: Lean into learning! What do I mean by that? Have conversations. I know (!) how difficult they can be especially when it is related to our deepest values and belief systems. And to be honest, here in the United States people are trained to avoid – think about it: You’d rather buy a gun and are willing to kill than to invest in a non-violent communication education? Personally, that says a lot about a system of a country and I do not want to tolerate this any longer without doing anything about it – That’s why I founded the Connection University and do the best I can to provide tools that make it more accessible and easier to connect with people, to love, to accept, to belong.

Our sponsor, The Connection University, offers a variety of experiences to strengthen the muscle of creating a deep sense of belonging with other people in the community, at work, and with Self. It is like a mental and emotional gym for all people who want to see culture shifting from loneliness, “I can do it myself” to togetherness, appreciation, and compassion.”
Check it out at www.connection-university.com

Next to their wonderful community events and retreats, they have powerful programs for teams that are now all working from home. Loneliness is an epidemic that often gets overlooked in the work environment, although its the main culprit for many of the pain points businesses deal with (lack of productivity, decreased engagement, poor performance. Creating a workplace culture that celebrates what we all crave – compassion, togetherness, connection, trust – these are the businesses that see increased productivity – allowing creativity to flow and growth to soar. The Connection University offers Virtual Vitality Program to support companies to thrive even during the time of “Working From Home”. Check it out and tell your colleagues:

Their 6-week online class “Arriving Home – Falling in Love with Self” is a life-changing experience of Self-acceptance, compassion, and Self-Love. To find out more and get on their waitlist go to https://www.connection-university.com/arrivinghome

Thank you for listening and making consent part of your sexy life.
Be sexy people.
Be safe.
Be brave.
Be kind!
Be great! 
If you like what we are doing here with “Consent is Sexy” please leave a review, thumbs up, send an email with questions, triggers, or interest to be on this podcast to consent@connection-university.com. 

Sending courage and love to you.
Until next time. 

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