Today, Day 1 – I want to appreciate the deep connection my beloved Ana Maria Carmona and I share. We met at the yoga teacher training at the magical lake Atitlan, Guatemala, in April 2016. We often practiced yoga next to each other, even on our days off, we had our first candlelight yoga. We were also roommates and I always envied how tidy she was compared to me. 3 Years later she has stayed with me in San Diego twice for 3 weeks, she just left on Thanksgiving Day. She loves organizing my closet and appreciate that A LOT!! 🙂 There are a very deep, spiritual connection that holds us together between 2, (sometimes 3 )continents. I love how she loves me so unconditionally, trusts me, and invites me into her healing energy. I admire her for her internal work she unapologetically shows up for and how she loves the shadow work. It automatically makes it more accessible for me. I love her for her honesty and for letting me love her the way I best can. There are small moments when we are together that feels so familiar, like when we briefly look into each other’s eyes from across the room, when we take a yoga class together it feels like we move and breathe in the same way as we did at Lake Atitlan. Or when we fall asleep together, holding hands. Thank you, Ana Maria, for cherishing my most wonderful moments with me, and being such a loyal and supportive ray of light in the most healing times. Ana taught me that richness is not about money. It is about feeling loved. THIS is worth everything!!! Te amo, Ana Maria!! Hasta la luna y vuelta y again 🙂

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