New Years Greetings and Gratitude from the Founder Steffi Seefeld

Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, all in-person events are happening virtual or are postponed to an uncertain date in the future. 
For now, it is important to stay vital with a healthy body, a calm mind, and a strong supportive community. We have created guides and programs for you as an individual and for your team. 

“The Art of Connection events facilitate group transformational experiences that build a culture of belonging and acceptance with truly engaged high performers.”

50% of our population suffer from chronic loneliness. That means that, often hiding behind smiles and saying “I’m good,” up to half of our friends, families and coworkers are lonelier than ever before. This drastically affects our physical, emotional and mental health – showing up as increased depression, high blood pressure, headaches, fatigue and anxiety.
Loneliness is an epidemic that often gets overlooked in the workplace, although its the main culprit for many of the pain points businesses deal with: Lack of productivity, decreased engagement and poor performance stagnation are all symptoms of loneliness.

Most of us spend ⅓ of our lives at work.  Creating a workplace culture that celebrates what we all crave – compassion, togetherness, connection, trust – these are the businesses that thrive – allowing creativity to flow and growth to soar. 

After the Art of Connection people at my work actually want to help each other more. There is less miss-communication and more of the “one the same team” feeling. The positive energy is spilling over to every little corner of the workplace


At the Art of Connection events you and your team share and co-create an experience that enriches your work-relationships, deepens the engagement and accelarates productivity.

The Art of Connection has elements of solo and partnered, internal and external, comfortable and uncomfortable, rituals and experiments, and always guided by the group’s energy.  

We, as a group, are committed to creating a safe, supportive and playful atmosphere that allows each one of us to be brave and courageous in our raw self-expression.

The Art of Connection is for you if you want to…

– Curate a appreciation-culture with your team

– Value individual & business growth  

– Appreciate failure as learning

– Empower the team to be courageous & authentic 

– Explore Self-compassion & acceptance

– Return to work with a deeper sense of belonging, courage and engagement.

Together we will develop these connections by…

– Journeying into a guided meditation

– Practicing powerful verbal and subtle communication

– Learning and expressing desires & boundaries

– Engaging in meaningful rituals

– Somatically play & express

– Co-creation with somatic play & expression

“We don’t need extreme competition anymore, given where the world is today. Every company benefits from mindfulness practices. Practices to just stop for a moment, to connect more, and cooperate with each other. Practices like the Art of Connection help realize that is what the world needs.”


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