Arriving Home – Online Class

I want to ask you something:

  • Do you feel lonely sometimes? 
  • Do you feel not good enough for something or someone? 
  • Do you feel not sexy or beautiful enough to ask someone on a date sometimes? 
  • Do you talk negatively and very critical of yourself?
  •  Do you compare yourself with others and wish to be more like them?
  • Are you waiting for the moment to be worth magnetizing the love, money or job you desire? 
  • Do you feel like you have too much on your plate? 
  • And still, say yes to other people’s requests? 
  • Because you are great at pleasing others? Afraid of hurting other people by saying no? 

If none of that resonates with you then this offer is not for you!


I used to be there too & still am sometimes but becoming aware of it already has switched things for me and empowers me to change these blocking patterns to self-compassion and love.  I used to be so very generous with my time & my energy. I was saying yes to what people asked me to do, show up for, work as, study, …. Until I got very sick with abnormal cells in my body. And I wondered why a vital person like me does not heal properly? Well, It is not only nutrition, physical workout, mindful practices, and a growth-oriented mindset. I did all of that with integrity and ambition. 

I had to open my eyes inward and admit: I was still lying to myself.  I had to admit what I didn’t want to be true: 

I was criticizing myself for who I am, the way I looked, the way I talked, the way I walk through the world and what I thought. 

  • “If I make this amount of money then I’m successful” 
  • “If I get my abs to show, my butt to be smaller and my arms stronger I’m sexy”
  • “If I look this way and talk this way I am worth loving”
  • “If I do this I am a good daughter, a best friend, …..” 
  • If if if…. 

I wasn’t fully embracing intimacy with myself. I was attached to a certain way of being instead of loving what is, loving what and who I am. I felt like I was able to accept many things in life for what they are, but I wasn’t accepting myself. 


My body showed me that I could not continue doing this! The journey of healing my body from abnormal cells has brought me into a place of deepest self-love that I always dreamed about and honestly thought whoever talks like this is making this up – it is impossible in our society to fully deeply love myself. I was wrong! And if you think that way today, I can assure you it is possible. Once I dropped in with myself, my true Self with compassion and appreciation – Wow! I had no idea how amazing life can be when I am in true intimacy with myself! Today I can love and appreciate myself for who I am, what I say, can, look, …. Everything! I am listening to what is nourishing for me and unapologetically only say yes to what’s great for me. How does it show up in my life now? I get to be more present with:

  • “my” people which allowed me to deepen my relationships that are unapologetically supportive and loving and fun. 
  • romance and I started to attract the kind of love I only dreamed of before. 
  • impactful work which opened the doors to my true mission and passion
  • money which unlocked blockages I had around self-worth
  • my time which allows me to invest only in the YES’s that nourish me. 

All because I learned how to be more present, honest and compassionate with myself – I arrived home. I learned to live without a mask, without a guard – with you and with myself!  And I want everyone to experience this one transformation that changes everything in life. I want to share this with you what I have learned, practiced and mastered – Falling in love with myself

If you resonate with this and you are ready to unleash yourself with compassionate intimacy from within: The “Arriving Home” online class is for you. 


  • … know you are enough, empowered and sexy?
  • … embody the king or queen you are meant to be?
  • … be courageous to say no to people-pleasing and yes to self-nourishment?
  • … have the confidence to express yourself fully?
  • … be magnetic to your wildest dreams and desires?
  • … create relationships, romance, financial abundance, work you dream of?
  • … be worthy of it all?


… and that feeling of raw, loving and deep connection that our hearts are yearning for starts within – with falling in love with Self.

You don’t have to wait until a dis-ease shows up in your body as it happened to me. You can start now with to get the love, the work, the money, the life that you dream of and freaking deserve! 

Arriving home is about learning tools to listen to your desires and boundaries.

Arriving home is about learning tools to listen to your desires and boundaries.

Arriving home is about expressing yourself fully and feeling loved for who you are.

Arriving home is about nourishing your wonderful mind, your beautiful body and shining spirit.

Arriving home is about lowering the self-critical voices in your head and amping the compassionate love within you.

Arriving home is about looking in the mirror at a bad-ass sexy human every day.

Arriving home is about becoming your intimate best friend.

Arriving home is about embodying the death of the old and the rebirthing the new.

Arriving home is about unlocking blockages that prevent you from pursuing everything you desire.

Arriving home is about finally feeling worthy, empowered and sexy for the relationships, work, lifestyle, money you desire.


You read many books on the topic of self-love and meditate on it but still compare yourself to others and block yourself with self-doubt?

What if I told you I designed a program for you that includes reprogramming elements of intimacy with Self, visualization, expressive art, embodiment and acceptance practices? And apply this in a very safe atmosphere to let go of old patterns, work through traumas, and evolve into the glowing being you are without hiding and masking?

This is an approach that creates the love from within, that allows you to love others fully. You become part of a loving community, have deep engaging connections and fun. Never miss the fun, especially not in transformational experiences.

I created this 6-week online class called “Arriving Home – Falling in Love with Self” for you.


Over the course of 6 weeks, we virtually get together every Tuesday for 2 hours. I share tools and wisdom with you, guide you through individual, partner, and group exercises to deepen the love, worth, and compassion with Self. Here is a taste of the classes:

Discovery of what is really in the way of loving yourself

Methods how to access your inner love

Experiencing the power of collective healing

Tools how to listen to your heart over mind

Tools to strengthen your muscle of self-acceptance

Learn the difference between subconscious and consciousness 

Learn how you came to have the self-critical voice and where you learned it 

Bring more mindfulness & compassion to your inner dialogue. 

Tools to change negative self-talk and gain self-confidence

Experiencing integrative embodiment of your new mindset

Methods to let go of old patterns, and behaviors that don’t serve your highest Self

Rebirth of your inner queen and/or king after death

Tools to create deep intimacy with Self

Techniques to become and stay present with what is

Looking in the mirror and awaken to your own beauty – YES!

Practices to come into parasympathetic “rest” from sympathetic “flight and fight”

Learning with self- and foreign perception with the healing group

Tools to discover your deepest maybe suppressed desires and boundaries

Empowering practices and frameworks to communicate your truth

Shifting perspectives on No, Maybe and Yes

4 key elements of communication

Opportunity to skyrocket your Self-worth

Learning and experiencing the Art of rituals

Tools for successful and sustainable integration

Empowering group exercise for raw, naked Self-expression

Final tools to strengthen your muscle of self-worth, -acceptance, -compassion

Celebration of your journey home to your Self Love

After completing the “Arriving Home – Falling in Love with Self” class:

  • you have discovered what was holding you back from saying YES to yourself.
  • you experienced what it is like to be seen and heard and loved for who you truly are.
  • you learned how to shift your mindset to positivity.
  • you experienced integrative embodiment of death and rebirth.
  • you amplified your communication-skills with kind & true expression.
  • you deepened compassion with yourself and others.
  • you feel unlocked and courageous to show up with confidence.
  • you learn how to access the pure joy of being alive.
  • you learned through my examples from me and how I apply all this successfully.
  • you experienced guidance from an international master coach who has worked. with hundreds of individuals and groups.
  • you came home to your unique and wonderful Self.


  • Begin: to-be-announced
  • 12 weekly group sessions á 2 hours 
  • 2 one-on-one coaching sessions á 45 minutes
  • Group and individual exercises and practices
  • Guidance and prompts between classes
  • A toolkit with a variety of exercises, frameworks, and science
  • Communication principles you can easily apply in all conversations
  • A community you belong to

PRICE: $2799
FOR 10 PEOPLE ONLY who are a full yes to this transformation

It is a unique opportunity for a life-changing investment. This class is taking you on a loving journey inward to fall in love with yourself, with life, people, work, money, everything you dream of. 

Get on the waitlist for the next “Arriving Home” class for only $2799 

Imagine how saying yes to this transformation today impacts your future…. 5 years, 10 years… from now. Everything you are currently not allowing, because you are too busy pleasing others, criticizing yourself and not allowing yourself to receive what you deserve. 
We can end this right here, right now. Together and take you home


As an international Master Coach and Somatic Embodiment Facilitator, Steffi merges the significant elements of Expressive Arts Therapy, Transformational Coaching, and Yoga. The experience of her transcending and playful offerings promise to deepen your awareness and raise your vibration within the body which allows rippling onto all areas of life.

After a decade of facilitating corporate and community groups, Steffi now shares her life long curiosity and high value of the Art of Connection, the type of connection every heart and soul is longing for and is enjoying so much when we find it. That unapologetic, unconditional, juicy, liberating, uplifting, supportive, holding, laughing kind… you know? Yes, exactly that one. Spending the last decade on investigation and exploration of all kinds of connections brought Steffi to the creation and building of the Connection University that is here to serve and change culture away from loneliness towards belonging. 


Steffi’s presence, while she is leading, is unaffordably disarming. Her presence of unconditional love, she loves herself so much, it creates that energy of pure invitation and open door to really letting go and relaxing. Steffi’s energy is so palpable, her words so eloquent, while beautifully guiding. Her work focusses on whats pure. I feel it in my heart. Thank you for this opportunity, Steffi. – Ryan S.

For many years people would tell me to get out of my head and feel into my heart. I would not even know what that means. I found Steffi’s work shortly after breaking through the first layers of the shell surrounding my heart. Steffi is an artist and a healer. She is an expert in getting people in touch with themselves and others. She will make you feel deeply into your heart and make you see what treasures you are holding in there. – Kerim B.

Get on the waitlist for the next “Arriving Home” class for only $2799 

You are inspired, but not sure? No problem. Send me a message to

With appreciation and love for your willingness and curiosity to love yourself a little bit more, Steffi