One question you might be asking yourself (along with every other organisation) is “What one earth can we do for the holiday party?” Everyone is awfully sick of zoom and no one’s jumping at the chance for another virtual team building event. 

I get it. Me neither. And yet, canceling is no option. So, how can we dance within regulations without calling off Christmas?

Truth is though: Even before the coronavirus outbreak at least half of us, meaning minimum 50% of your team members, suffered from chronic loneliness. This just got amplified in the last 8 months. The lack of connection and empathy jumped through the roof in the last 9 months. Half of us, our friends, families and coworkers are lonelier than ever before. This level of loneliness drastically affects our physical, emotional and mental health – showing up as increased depression, high blood pressure, headaches, fatigue and anxiety.

Why this matters to you? Because your people matter to you, and the performance of your team does as well. And that right there makes you an outstanding and epic leader.

Loneliness is an epidemic that is the main culprit for many of the pain points businesses deal with; for instance: lack of productivity, decreased engagement and poor performance or stagnation. 

So what to do with all this AND zoom fatigue for the holiday parties? I say: Make it count. No matter what you do – make it a lasting improving impact. Creating a team culture that celebrates what we all crave – compassion, togetherness, connection, trust – these are the businesses that thrive in these very difficult times. 

HOW? Let me introduce to you the virtual version of the “Art of Connection” celebration. 

“Steffi was here to inspire me today, to feel more free to be me. She is non-judgemental and has a presence that is just easy and accepting the person that I want to be”


At the “Artof Connection” you and your team share and co-create an experience that enriches not just the event at the moment but your long-lasting work-relationships deepens the engagement, and accelerate your productivity.

“Art of Connection”

Event type:

1-2 hours

6-100 people

*please request an in-person event on-site. Consultation required regarding health regulations in your country and region.

These one-of-a-kind holiday parties – where we all get what we really crave: the sense of belonging, community, and joy – are for you if you desire to turn 2020 around and… 

– Get out of the WFH-routines

– Connect as humans, not just as co-workers

– Make empathy an easy part of your interactions

– Empower the team to be courageous & authentic 

– Curate a foundation of compassion & acceptance

– Return to work with a deeper sense of belonging, courage, and engagement.

Together we will develop these connections by…

– Journeying into a guided meditation

– Practicing powerful verbal and subtle communication

– Learning and expressing wishes & boundaries

– Somatically play & express

– Create a profound and long-lasting positive impact on the team’s performance

– Have fun!

“We don’t need more competition given where the world is today. Steffi’s events help us realize that what we really need are more practices of mindfulness and connection.”


Yeah, you are still interested. That means a lot to us because we think you are such a caring team leader. We love that! To get in touch with you about the prices and availabilities please fill in the blank, click and you shall receive :).

“I enjoyed and benefited a lot from every class I attended with Steffi. It is evident that she is gifted with a unique energy and a pleasant presence which enable her to reach and connect with various types of personalities. She is very talented, warm and caring. This clearly shows in her workshops. She is one of the best in her area and I am looking forward to seeing her reach far and help more people all around the globe”
– Rana Y. Consultant at Deloitte

Clients who feel more connected and vital

No matter what you decide to do – make it count and remember that you belong.
With Love,