Speaking. Writing. Sharing. Living.

So that you get to experience the juiciness and sexiness of life that consent activates.

I’ve spent over a decade studying and experiencing the type of connection that feels like a safe home, true love, and ecstatic fun. These kinds of connections are rare to find and challenging to maintain. What I found out is that the number one key to these juicy, joyful & deep relationships is: Communication! It is simple, yet no one has taught us how to feel courageous and empowered in our fullest self-expression as a lover, as a friend, a coworker, a leader, a parent, a child,… as human! On this podcast, I have raw and unpolished conversations that you can relate to and that support you in building more confidence to express yourself in the most authentic and loving way while honoring your own and others’ desires and boundaries. We need each other to be our Self!

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