We are glad you’re here to end this year on a high note with your team.

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These are the basic prices (which can go up or down with the customization):

The Prices for the Art of Connection Holiday Party depend on the number of participants, length of the experience, and how we customize it to your team’s needs.

TeamWe throw the whole Party
(up to 2 hrs)
We only do the Art of Connection
(45 – 60 mins)
6 – 19$1.750$1.050
20 – 39$1.950$1.150
40 – 74$2.200$1.400
75 – 100$2.490$1.990

A few clients that feel more motivated and connected this season:

“This was the first “zoom meeting” I didn’t want to end.”
Alex D. from DKB Code Factory in Berlin 
“This experience with Steffi and my team has done so much for my sanity and motivation.”
Anne B. from Deloitte in San Diego